4 thoughts on “Wednesday Quote: Roxane Gay

    1. Stefani

      Interesting. I’d love to hear more about your thoughts on that. It is a little controversial given the topic and sensitivity of the book. It would be awesome too to know what Roxane Gay meant by it herself…

    2. Shannon

      Just doesn’t seem like the kind of story you “dedicate” to women. I get it – what Mireille went through, and how she was able to pull it together after that. And all that it took to get there. A dedication to victims of abuse maybe? This is not a book that I’d recommend to all women. And although I read it in 2 days, I still wouldn’t say it was “for” me.

    3. Stefani

      I see your point that it seems like a book that speaks to some particular women’s experiences. Though, I do wonder if she was trying to say that there is something universal about the story in that Mireille starts out as fairly happy and well-adjusted like a lot of women but has a stroke of extremely bad “luck” that puts her in the situation she is in.


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