Uncertainty by Jonathan Fields (Review)

Fear of judgment stifles our ability to embrace uncertainty and as part of that process delivers a serious blow to our willingness to create anything that hasn’t already been done and validated.
 –-from Uncertainty by Jonathan Fields

You know that thing that you’ve been wanting to do forever, the passion that pushes you to get up a little early or stay up a little late to work on? Jonathan Fields is here with his book Uncertainty to tell you to just go for it with whatever it is you want to accomplish.

While this is certainly a quick read (I got through it in about 2 days of less-than-furious reading in my spare time) I really appreciated Fields’ enthusiasm and understanding of both the opportunities and challenges that arise in striking out in uncharted waters. Fields himself is a several-times-over entrepreneur who has hopped around from blogging to yoga to starting several companies and much more.

While start-up terminology and a focus on creating your own business is present, I was happy to see that it isn’t all that the book is about. Fields goes out of his way to make sure to appeal to the artists and writers and other multi-passioned people who might pick up his work – probably a smart move for him financially.

Another thing that I like about Fields is that he doesn’t try to sugarcoat the process of doing something new. He’s the first to admit that it’s hard work and that other people may very well judge you as rash or irresponsible or simply out-of-touch with reality. And he’s not going to tell you that everything you do will succeed. To the contrary, Fields provides a few exercises to help you work through what it would look like to “fail” and why it still might be worth pursuing your dreams in spite of that.

He understands that uncertainty and fear about the outcome of our work is the main barrier to really doing the work to move forward your creative ideas. As an aspiring writer who often deals with writer’s block it was quite a refreshing to hear Fields’ encouragement. Still, since the reading was so fast and I find it hard to give top stars to a self-help book, I’ll leave this work with at three, but it is a three I would recommend to any of my fellow creator friends.


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