New Books?

You know the feeling. You’re browsing in a bookstore. You’ve come in “just to look.” Mostly because you can’t imagine passing the now-rare breed of small bookstore that you’ve stumbled across in the urban wilderness without going in. At least for a moment. Just to see what they have.

And suddenly you’re holding the book in your hand. That one you’ve been looking for at least a year, absently, the title emblazoned on a small wall in the back of your mind, in storage for this very moment when you should see the cover peeking out at you from the corner of the fiction section.

What do you do?

By DS via Flickr

Every bookworm I know has a backlog of books that they intend to read, because we simply love books so much. How strict are you about stopping yourself from buying new ones?

I’ve been pretty good recently if I do say so myself. (If “good” is characterized as holding back a little in the bookstore and overlooks copious library visits.) I went a good few months without purchasing a new book at all, and only recently did I pick up one — Clash of Kings by George R.R. Martin (We tried to watch season two of Game of Thrones and couldn’t bear not having read the book). This is one that I know both my partner and I will get through so that was extra justification in our minds.

The flipside of my bookstore “restraint” though is that I don’t end up doing a lot of supporting of my local bookstores. It’s not that I’m always on Amazon buying books, just that I don’t often buy books at all. I usually am surfing the library websites for what I need or trying valiantly to whittle down from what I have on my shelves at home. So I do hope that I’ll keep up my habit of buying something every now and then when I’m browsing nearby book shops.

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