Insurgent by Veronica Roth (Review)

Oh, Veronica Roth, what happened?! I enjoyed the first book of this series a lot. It reminded me of The Hunger Games trilogy with its action-packed suspense of trying to figure out what would happen next. In Divergent, Tris was an interesting main character, battling her background growing up humble in Abnegation with her inconclusive aptitude tests that make her “Divergent”, leading her to choose the risk-seeking Dauntless faction.

But the second book in the series, Insurgent, simply lacks the same energy and direction. The novelty of Roth illuminating a dystopian world of factions based on personality traits is kind of over, and we’ve already been introduced to all of the important characters and most of their secrets.

Tris spends most of her time being scared, regretting her past, or mooning over her boyfriend Tobias, which felt like a big change from her character’s bravery and nuance from the first book. There is also a lot of running around and getting captured or trapped, which felt a bit predictable and boring after a while.

However, despite my issues with the plot and one-dimensional characters, I did read the book fairly quickly, which is worth something. I kept turning the pages, because there was a bunch of action and the pace of the book is pretty fast. It would be untruthful to say that I wasn’t engaged with the book at all.

Also, I will say that the ending did pique my interest somewhat as to what the final book will hold. I won’t give the last pages away, but we learn something about the whole world that Tris lives in that could make for a compelling final volume. And I very well may end up reading the last book in the series, since I am a bit curious and I hate getting mostly through something and then dropping it. So, overall, I can’t say I was particularly fond of this read, but perhaps YA readers enjoyed it a bit more than I did.


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