E-Readers vs. Paperbacks

Debate has raged on ever since invention of the magical e-ink itself. There are the staunch believers in solid, physical books that you can hold in your hand. And there are those who embrace the innovation of e-readers and their space-saving wonder.

I’m someone who sees room for middle ground in the debate. I’ve owned a Kindle Touch for several years now and I do really enjoy it. But I also love love love the feeling of a physical book in my hands when I’m reading something to savor. So, the long and short of it for me is that I use e-readers and physical books for different reading purposes.

What I use e-readers for:

  • Reading books I won’t read twice
  • Reading books I’m not sure I’ll finish
  • Getting a new book from the library when too lazy to go in person

What I use physical books for:

  • Reading books that I know I’ll read more than once
  • Treating myself for a job well done or goal achieved
  • Borrowing from friends or getting something from PaperbackSwap
  • Enjoying the indescribable joys of browsing actual bookshelves

There’s four bullet points on the physical books list and only three on the e-reader list, so maybe I do come out a little in favor of holding my reading in hand. I want to support local bookstores (the few that are left) and libraries, which may also have something to do with my feelings. But I definitely think that there is room for both, despite each option’s tension with the other.

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