A Welcome and A Bookish Update

Bookmark BookstoreThanks for joining me here at the new home for the Keep It Wordy book blog! I’m excited to have a self-hosted home for the blog and to be integrating all of my interests into one site. You can find my full list of book reviews and the review policy as dropdown menus in the Keep It Wordy tab above. Currently, I’m planning on releasing a book-related post every Tuesday, as well as a new book review each Thursday. Welcome to the old readers and new!

Besides reorganizing the website, I’ve been frequenting way too many bookstores these days, but really it’s not my fault… The Friends of the Oakland Public Library bookstore, Bookmarks, was having a 30-50% off sale this past weekend – and their books are already only $3-5 dollars usually so of course I had to drop by. I found Still Writing by Dani Shapiro, which looks like it will be a great book about the writer’s life, with various witty meditations and advice. I also picked up a completely silly book, Hyperbole and a Half by Allie Brosh, which I’ve wanted to read for a while and promises to be an entertaining mix of ridiculously drawn comics and wit.

But after this I’m staying out of bookstores for a month, honest! (*crosses fingers*)

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