5 Experiences Bookworms Can Relate To

We’ve all been here…

1) Trying to figure out how to walk and read a book at the same time. I mean really it’s just so much more efficient. And walking is so boring by itself…

From Welcome to Paradise

2) Checking out way too many books at the library (or buying way too many books). ALL the books.

From Gif Warehouse

3) Missing out on other pop culture experiences. Movies? Oh yeah, I watch those sometimes… You know, when it doesn’t interfere with my reading.

From Nightmare in Wonderland


4) Navigating the angst of choosing which book to read next. So. Many. Good books.

From Duke of Bookingham


5) Having real-life issues with fictional characters. Some of them you fall in love with, some of them make you angry as hell. But most importantly, you feel something for the people in the book.

From The Daily Harold

Got any others to add?

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